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The Transitional Living Center, Pietermaritzburg

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Working with our partners, the Pietermaritzburg Mental Health Society, Climb Any Mountain is creating a unique, purpose-built residential facility that not only provides a safe supported living space for people with learning disability and mental illness, but also aids the development of social and life skills.

We have called the facility The Transitional Living Centre (TLC) as it aims to provide a stepping stone for individuals as they move from institutional to community-based care, having achieved their personal goals of attaining the life skills necessary to live independently.  Read More » 




    About us

    placeholder-thumb-turqAbout Us

    Climb Any Mountain was founded in 2011. Our mission is to transform what’s available for people with intellectual disability and mental illness in South Africa using global best practice.

    We want to see people with intellectual disability and mental illness empowered by their right to the same opportunities, choice and control over their lives that the rest of the population has ... More

    • What is intellectual disability?

      What is intellectual disability?

      In South Africa, March is nationally recognised as Intellectual Disability Awareness Month.  Four in every hundred people in South Africa are affected by intellectual disability.   The Cape Mental Health Society says, “People respond very differently to the words ‘intellectual disability’, with many people regarding it as a curse or a tragedy, while others are confused […]More »
    • Climb Any Mountain is now on eBay!

      Climb Any Mountain is now on eBay!

      Climb Any Mountain is delighted to announce that it’s now part of the eBay for Charity programme. From cameras to clothes, candles to beauty products, the Climb Any Mountain eBay shop has so much on offer. Proceeds of sold items are helping us to transform what is available in care, facilities and services for people with intellectual […]More »
    • Better NHS Mental Health Care Service by 2020/1

      Better NHS Mental Health Care Service by 2020/1

      The NHS in England has committed to better mental health care across the NHS, pledging to help more than a million extra people and investing more than a billion pounds a year by 2020/21. It is making the move in response to the final report of an independent task force, set up by the NHS […]More »
    • It’s today – The 2016 London Marathon

      It’s today – The 2016 London Marathon

      The day we have been waiting for is finally here, the London Marathon is taking place today. We salute Mark Crawford, a long standing friend of Climb Any Mountain who is running on our behalf to make a difference. We also seize this opportunity to thank all our well wishers …More »
    • Is my sister ‘normal’?

      Is my sister ‘normal’?

      When Cara was born, I was only 18 months old and my older brother, Ryan was just three years old.  He remembers going to the hospital to visit my mum and meet Cara.  My Gran apparently gave us a packet of Niknaks (crisps).  I don’t have a first memory of …More »
    • Out with the old and in with new!

      Out with the old and in with new!

      Spring is in the air! With only 2 weeks until spring it’s time to be out with the old and in with new! This spring as you refresh your wardrobe and clear out your home, why not help raise some money for charity? Sell your unwanted items on ebay today …More »

    Be a voice


    Be a voice

    We are interested to hear from you, and hear your story. We’re keen to join up voices around the country, so that we can clearly and accurately articulate a collective journey. We will also better be able to work to remove any personal barriers that may have challenged you and your families in your lives so far.

    Please email us if you have a story to tell or a request you want heard. It would make a difference if you also consider adding your name to those who have supported our “Lend your voice” campaign.

Can you imagine a life


Can you imagine a life where you have no choice over what you eat and how you spend your day? For many, there is no choice! Climb Any Mountain is committed to changing that by developing person-centred services that enable people with intellectual disability and mental illness in South Africa to have the same opportunities for living independently as anybody else.

Read more about our project and the ‘Transitional Living Center

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