Greetings from the Climb Any Mountain Team.

We've been busy making the most of the sunshine and light (north of the equator) and are planning some great events for you to participate in over this summer and autumn. Click below to read more about our Challenge Events and dust off those walking or running shoes to join us if you can!

We're also thrilled to be starting work with a new partner organisation, Durban and Coastal Mental Health. Similar to the capacity building work we've been doing in Pietermaritzburg, we're extending our reach to impact a new region of South Africa. This wouldn't be possible without your ongoing interest and support.

We hope you enjoy this issue!


London Marathon 2016 


On the 24th April 2016, Mark Crawford successfully completed the London Marathon.  The conditions were wintery, but Mark did brilliantly – running the full 26.2 miles in 4 hours and 6 minutes.

Mark raised £5700 – a true champion!  This money will be used to build capability within South Africa – transforming services from institutional to person-centred services.  We will be revisiting the Pietermaritzburg Mental Health Society to assess their progress 18 month’s on from our baseline assessment. Read more


How your money helps

Transforming the way services are delivered in South Africa for those with intellectual disability is a journey with many small steps. Every single donation we receive helps us move a little further along the road and has a direct impact on individuals and the care facilities they live in.


Our Climb Any Mountain Challenge Events

As you all probably know, at Climb Any Mountain we love a challenge. Our commitment to transforming the living conditions of people living with learning disability and mental illness in South Africa is our biggest, but we enjoy taking on new ones that support this greater cause. 

We’re now looking at “what next” and have got a few events planned for the coming months. Read more



Sell your unwanted items on eBay 


As spring turns to summer why not refresh your wardrobe and help raise some money for charity at the same time! Sell your unwanted items on ebay today and donate anything from 10% - 100% of your sale item to Climb Any Mountain! Anything from old clothes, coats and accessories to home goods and furnishings - if it's in good condition it can be sold to support us transform the lives of those with learning disability and mental illness in South Africa. It's seriously easy...Click here to start selling on eBay for Charity



A round up of other news stories


Mental Health Awareness: The importance of relationships

The importance of relationships has been highlighted by a recent survey released by the Mental Health Foundation to mark the Mental Health Awareness Week. The research showed that more people regard maintaining healthy relationships as the most important factor to their wellbeing.  It pointed to good-quality relationships as being the key to living longer and happier lives with fewer mental health problems.  Read more