On behalf of all of us at Climb Any Mountain, I wanted to say a very big thank you for making last Thursday such a lovely and memorable evening. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

The Christmas Party was a celebration, not only to mark the start of December and the festive season, but also to acknowledge the new and continuing support we have received from you, our supporters. 

Of course, the other reason for holding the event was to make this Christmas special for people living with intellectual disability and mental illness at the Pietermartizburg Mental Health Society in South Africa. we didn't want to fundraise to provide Christmas gifts. Instead, we wanted to gift experiences - for many of us, these are normal everyday things that we take for granted, such as going to the cinema, learning to read and write or being able to swim.

So far, through your generosity, we have raised over £2,800 and is pleased to be able to provide the following gift experiences:

• Going to the movies with 3 friends -  25 (benefiting 100 people)

• Tea at the mall with 2 friends - 20 (benefiting 60 people)

•  Botanical Gardens Picnic with 5 friends - 11 (benefiting 66 people)

• Craft lessons for 12 months - 9 people

• Rugby match with 2 friends - 9 (benefiting 27 people)

• Letter writing sessions (12 sessions) - 7 people

• Reading and writing lessons  - 6 people

Thank you once again and we wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year.


Kim Danks and the Team at 
Climb Any Mountain


We still have some gift experiences available if you or someone you know would like to touch a life and make a real difference 



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