Our strategy

Our strategic objectives over the next three years underpin the annual plans for Climb Any Mountain.

  • To partner, empower and support local organisations to expand on their current
    service offering so that individuals living with both a mental illness and an intellectual disability are provided for.
  • To create sustainable local public sector funding for the provision of services in South Africa so that those in greatest need can also have access to the services available.
  • Current housing provision in South Africa is largely based in hospital environments and large care homes. Our objective is to fund and build smaller housing units that foster a home environment and greater independence so that by the end of 2016 twenty (20) people will be living in supported housing and receiving person-centred care. By the end of 2018, our plans are for at least 100 people to be benefiting from the supported housing provision available through the projects created with our partners in South Africa.
  • Taking best practice from the partnership model we have already developed with Pietermaritzburg Mental Health Society, we will establish long term partnerships with two additional local service providers in South Africa by 2016.
  • Through our relationship with the South African Federation for Mental Health, to generate opportunities to build capability of staff across provincial Mental Health Societies to deliver person-centred care.
  • To create an alternative and sustainable source of earned income, independent of donor funding, that is aligned with our vision, mission and values.

To support the achievement of these objectives, we will:

  • Continue to enhance and strengthen the number of experienced and professional members of Climb Any Mountain.
  • Implement a proactive marketing and communication strategy that informs the outside world and our key audiences and stakeholders about what we do.
  • Generate sustainable funding to ensure we can deliver on our promises, including approaching and building relationships with local Government.
  • Explore avenues for earned income and service delivery within this sector for a sustainable revenue stream independent of donor funding.

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