Who we are

We work to see people with intellectual disability and mental illness empowered by their right to the same opportunities, choice and control over their lives as anybody else.

As a UK based charity, we are committed to empowering and supporting individuals and organisations in South Africa rather than just delivering funding and services.

One of our key objectives is to foster partnerships, working with organisations who have the expertise and understanding of the challenges that exist in a country where one in six (16.5%)¹ suffer from a common mental disorder and four out of 100 people have intellectual disabilities which range from mild to very severe².

Our focus is on delivering services for people with both intellectual disability and mental illness. This is seen as a key differentiator in the service provision currently available in South Africa.

Our focus

The current situation in South Africa sees many homes accepting residents who are either intellectually disabled or have a mental illness, but are not equipped to accept those individuals who are living with both diagnoses.  The housing that is available for those who fall into this category is most often than not large facilities, which are placed outside of city or town borders, enclosed and separated from society.

We acknowledge that tremendous strides have been taken in South Africa in the provision of care across all spectrums of society, and the improved focus on fostering skills and independence, and enabling individual choice.  However, we are dedicated to moving forward and creating the possibility of services that look very different.

Climb Any Mountain was founded by Kim Crossman in August 2011, after Kim and her family set off on a personal journey to search for a suitable residential care facility in South Africa for Kim’s younger sister, Cara.  Cara was born with intellectual disability and was diagnosed in more recent years with organic psychosis.

Kim’s knowledge, passion and commitment to creating a sustainable organisation that stands for people with intellectual disability and mental illness are the major driving forces behind Climb Any Mountain.

  • Climb Any Mountain has a committed, professional and dedicated team, together with a fast growing base of supporters.
  • Climb Any Mountain is building a sustainable model for delivering services for individuals with intellectual disability and mental illness that can be replicated so that this becomes the norm, not the exception to the norm.


¹ Findings from the first South African Stress and Health Study (SASH) – http://www.mrc.ac.za/policybriefs/stresshealth.pdf
² South Africa Federation for Mental Health – http://www.safmh.org.za/disability.htm

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