How your money helps


Climb Any Mountain is governed in a responsible way and is run as efficiently as possible.  We are mindful of every penny we raise, and ensure that all funds go towards our vision to transform what is possible in South Africa for individuals with intellectual disability and mental illness.

At the heart of Climb Any Mountain’s vision for South Africa is the shift from institutional care to person-centered care. That means changing the way services are delivered so that individuals are able to have a say in the way they are supported. This in turn will directly impact the choices they can make, their dignity and the quality of life they have.

The Transitional Living Centre (TLC) we are raising capital funding for has been designed to optimize the impact of person-centered care, but we are already working with our partners the Pietermaritzburg Mental Health Society and the South African Federation for Mental Health to start to transform the services that are delivered to those living in the current residential facilities in Pietermaritzburg, with a view to expanding this nationwide.  The primary destination of funds will therefore go either towards capital funding of the first TLC in Pietermaritzburg, or towards building the capability mental health societies and their staff in South Africa, and towards delivering person-centred care within these services.

Climb Any Mountain aims to keep our administration costs as low as possible but not at the expense of our long term vision. We want to deliver the best possible support to the individuals we support, so investing in future fundraising income or properly monitoring and evaluating our projects to measure their impact, is a valuable use of our funds too.

Whether our funds are going towards the cost of a physical building, monitoring the impact on our customers or delivering a service, you can be certain that your generous donation is making a difference and will ultimately support the transformation of an entire country.

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