The filming of ‘our story’

We are creating a short film that will be premiered at the Climb Any Mountain TLC Gala Dinner and Auction on 25 October 2013. The film will powerfully tell the story of what it is like to live with mental illness and intellectual disability, and why Climb Any Mountain has been so inspired to make a

We need your help!

Do you run a business or offer a service? Then we need your help! The highlight of the TLC Gala Dinner and Auction Climb Any Mountain is hosting on Friday 25 October 2013, will be a live auction, where we will have a wide variety of exciting prizes that will be auctioned off to the highest

Take part in our car boot sale!

Get rid of unwanted items and have some fun too! If you are in London on Sunday 1 September 2013, why not come and take part in our car boot sale.  The Climb Any Mountain Team is de-cluttering and what better way to pass on those once loved items of clothing and “stuff” than at

Annual accounts 2012

We are happy to announce that Climb Any Mountain has recently published its annual accounts for the period ending August 2012. Click here for the full Trustees report and accounts.

Intellectual disability and mental health in South Africa

Neuropsychiatric disorders are ranked third in the national burden of disease and one in six or 16.5% of  South Africans suffer from a common mental disorder (according to results of a study published by SASH)¹; while  the 2002 census figures showed that about 12% of the disabled population had a form of intellectual disability and this ranged from mild

Lack of psychiatric and mental health services in South Africa

The South Africa Federation for Mental Health recently released an awareness paper highlighting the alarming concern over lack of hospital beds for mental health service users, we well as the lack of aftercare available to patients post discharge. The SA Federation talks of a ‘revolving door’ syndrome that has arisen as the government looks to

New research shows positive economic returns

A recent UK study, by Deloitte, has revealed that investing in social care prevents disabled people falling into crisis, and as a result, leads to substantial economic benefits to the tax payer. Every pound spent on preventative and community services generates benefits to people, carers, local and central Government worth an average of at least

Training to trek Mount Tahan

At the end of 2012 Climb Any Mountain teamed up with a Singapore based social enterprise called Gone Adventurin’. Gone Adventurin’ creates and organizes adventures all around the world, to inspire lives and empower communities through the spirit of adventure.Climb Any Mountain and Gone Adventurin’ collaborated to put together an adventure in aid of Climb

China bike ride

On 22 July, 2012, Brian and 3 friends, Shu Yun, Natalie and Pamela, began a 10 day cycle through the Qing Hai province in China. Starting from the city of Xining, they spent two days cycling 175km/108 miles around the immense Qing Hai Lake and the Black River, and then went to Golmud before they

45 days to Snowdon 2012 – Barbara


I HATE WALKING UPHILL (+ other associated exercising challenges) The above statement about myself is one that I hold dear.  I recall in the early ‘love  sick’ days of my relationship with Steve, going on a walking holiday with him to Derbyshire, where I vividly remember crying with rage as I attempted to climb one


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