About the TLC project

Over the last 20 years, the move from institutional to supported community based care has been a challenge for many organizations, countries and service providers. Working with our partners, the Pietermaritzburg Mental Health Society, Climb Any Mountain is creating a unique, purpose-built residential facility that not only provides a safe supported living space for people with learning disabilities and mental illness, but also aids the development of social and life skills.

We have called the facility The Transitional Living Centre (TLC) as it aims to provide a stepping stone for individuals as they move from institutional to community-based care, having achieved their personal goals of attaining the life skills necessary to live independently.


The Pietermaritzburg TLC

The first Transitional Living Centre (TLC)  will be built on the grounds of “The Palms”, an existing service in Pietermaritzburg run by the PMB Mental Health Society.

Residential facility












The TLC provides spaces for individuals to develop and master skills of independent living, as well as spaces to facilitate socialisation. In addition, a key focus of the TLC is to provide a place where individuals will be able to learn and develop skills enabling work opportunities in the local community and to pave the way for social inclusion.

Beneficiaries will be a mix of adults (over 18 years old) from a range of ethnic origins (African, Coloured, Asian/Indian, and White).
As residents become more independent they will have the opportunity to move to supported housing in the community, freeing up space in the TLC for someone else to benefit from the process and to develop themselves. The TLC, as a hub for teaching independence and life skills, will be accessible for the additional 220 service users supported by the Pietermaritzburg Mental Health Society in a number of residential facilities in KwaZulu-Natal.

We are currently raising the capital funding required to build the first TLC but are already supporting the Pietermaritzburg Mental Health Society to develop their person-centred care capabilities.


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