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Climb Any Mountain is working towards transforming conditions for those with intellectual disability and / or mental illness across the whole of South Africa. We want to demonstrate a new working model of person-centred care, delivered by our Transitional Living Centres and our community based housing. Once we have a working model, we can start to expand nationwide. Our beneficiaries will include any individual with an intellectual disability or mental illness that needs support.

Fundamental to our vision and mission are a number of key target audiences:

•         The beneficiaries of the supported living projects created in partnership with local service providers

•         Family, relatives and friends of individuals with intellectual disability and mental illnesses

•         Service providers in South Africa

•         Donor funding / corporate social investors

•         South African Government

•         Supporters / fundraisers

•         Volunteers

Here are some incredible stories from these inspiring individuals.

Robbie Franco

quote-open I can never stop thanking God for December 2011 when Elna (Director of PMB Mental Health Society) came up to me at the supermarket and asked me what Robbie does every day; my answer was “sits at home”.



Elna told me about Buxton Workshop. When Robbie and I came in for our interview, we were very nervous, but we left feeling “Wow, what lovely people…”  We felt at home and Robbie, who never liked leaving home, couldn’t wait to start.

Last Easter Robbie started at Buxton and we have never looked back. He is such a happy teddy. His confidence and motivation have increased and he is even argumentative at times!  I can’t believe he is the same person. We have so much to talk about.  He eats on his own and he can’t wait for the mornings to go to work.

He has never shown any interest in outings before, now he is so excited that he battles to fall asleep!  He even had a snake around his neck and told someone to please take a picture “because my mom will never believe me!”  The FUN they all have,
the TEAM work, not just the service users, but also the staff, it is something unbelievable. quote-close

 By Robbie’s Mother

Kim Dellar

quote-open I live with my Mom in a granny flat in my brother Wayne’s yard.  He is married and working.  My sister lives in Durban.  She is married and has a granddaughter, Jackie.  My other brother lives far away.



I have been at Buxton for two years because I wanted to work here. I do contract work for Matelec, clean and wash the tables.  It is very nice at Buxton, I love the staff, it is good to see friends, to knit, to colour in, to swim, and go on outings and the Christmas Party.  I have learnt lots of things at the workshop.

I would like to get married and have a nice place to live. quote-close

By Kim Dellar

Phiway Mncunbe

quote-openI live in Hammersdale with my family.  My mother passed away a few years ago.  I live with my father, brother and younger sister.  My other family members are working in Johannesburg.



I have a mental disability, so I had to go to a special school; after I completed school, I came to the workshop in 2010.  I do contract work for Matelec, and for Papini Trading doing things like preparing curtain rails and packing accessories.  Ever since I started attending Buxton I felt at home.  The welcome was warm and filled with love and care.  I was accepted for who I am.

MHS has helped me a lot with many things, such as developing my knowledge by teaching us life skills in the programmes they offer, making sure that we are ready for the outside world, teaching us more about how we should behave and carry ourselves in the outside world without fear of being judged about where we come from.

My dream is to get a job outside, buy my own house and build a future with the person I love. quote-close

By Phiway Mncunbe

Theo Kleinhans

quote-open I live at The Palms and share a room with Petrus, Jurie and Bhekani.  I have a girlfriend at The Palms, her name is Maria.  We have been a couple for a long time.  She works for a cleaning company in The Palms laundry.



My parents have died, but I have an older brother who lives in Uitenhage in the Eastern Cape.  He has a son and daughter who are both married.  I sometimes go by bus to visit them.  After my parents passed away, my brother looked after me, but my aunt sent me to Umgeni Hospital.  I asked leave and then went to Senior Training Centre and joined Buxton when it opened.  At Buxton I do contract work for Matelec and cleaning.  I also take part in walking races.

I like to come to the workshop because I can be with my friends, do my work because I like to work and take part in activities and watch the others when they dance.  I sang in the choir at church for the Christmas Service.  MHS and Buxton are better than Umgeni because we go on outings, go to town, take part in activities and get pocket money.

My dream is to go and live with my family, to see my brother every day and not to pay so much to visit them. quote-close

By Theo Kleinhans

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